Six Sided Halo

Six SIded Halo is an awesome band that I have had the privilege of seeing play a few times. The band is so cool and they have a drive that cannot be mistaken. Be on the lookout for these guys, they will be going places!!

• When and how did your band get together?

We actually found each other through Craigslist mostly. Even though Craigslist is good for selling your virginity and your first-born it also can work pretty good for you while putting a band together if you get lucky. But a quick history would be that I had the idea for a project I dubbed “The Six Sided Halo Project” and began writing music for it about 2 1/2 years ago while I was in another band that was a sinking ship for many reasons. I met Chaz at a bar one night and we kept in contact. Then I saw the Craigslist ad for DC and Raydn1 and gave them a call. We jammed for a while and really had a lot of great ideas that came together pretty effortlessly. After that point we put a few ads up on Facebook and Pauly was referred to us by some people and we were also told about him being “the guy we needed” to make it all come together. He came down and played and fit perfectly. Presto…Six Sided Halo was born.

• What genre of music do you play most? What is your favorite genre to play?

We are Hard Rock and Metal I would say. There are so many sub genres of the two though that I am sure you ask 10 people and might get 10 different answers. We don’t write anything we don’t love to play so I don’t really know what our favorite genre is to play. It’s always fun to just go balls out epic and heavy, but also great to be very melodic and have the notes tell a story throughout the song. I personally jam out to a lot of video game music when I am just by myself and messing around. Ya know, like Nintendo music? Yup, that’s what a lot of my parts are built off of…CastleVania and the Legend of Zelda.

• What do you value most about music and performing?

The ability to perform in front of anyone and everyone and have them reciprocate in a positive manner. It really is true happiness when you can do something that you love the most and have people support it and want to interact with you. We LOVE talking to people anywhere and our music isn’t just your typical bland music with no deep thought or creativity in it so it opens a lot of doors for conversations about the music and the overall message of the band. Not to knock other bands who write about strippers, getting dumped, and/or beating people up. That’s cool and everyone can relate to it, but if everyone can relate to it then it really isn’t opening anyone’s mind artistically or creatively if you’re writing the same thing a 5th grader is. Again, everything has its place, but that’s not us and we like that our musical content is more open-ended rather than black and white.

• What artists did you draw inspiration from when you began playing music? Are those artists still your inspiration or do you look to other artists now?

There are so many bands and pieces of music we are inspired from its crazy. Some bands are Dream Theater, Type O Negative, In Flames, Alice in Chains, Rammstein, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, Incubus, Mudvayne, Foo Fighters, Pantera, Pink Floyd, Iron Maiden, A Perfect Circle, Avenged Sevenfold, Queen, and many more. Their isn’t really any newer artists that have come out in a while that have added to the inspiration since a lot of the newer bands are really just putting our fabricated music that they know will sell because it is popular now. A lot of bands are just clones of one another and really is what’s making music so boring lately in my opinion. I am a big lyric person and when you have every other band talking about their favorite “dirty girl” or fighting someone it’s really hard for me to go “Oh man that really is so creative and mind-blowing that I need to keep these guys on my radar.” As I said before I really can’t get behind lyrics that are so basic and boring. It’s one thing to write a song about your ex, but there are so many ways to phrase it creatively and intelligently so that its not so black and white.

• What show was your most favorite to play?

Definitely the show we played with Cold. That was our first big show and we had a huge audience there to see us. The response we received was amazing and so far it has done a lot to get the Six Sided Halo name out there.

• What are you working on now? Where can fans come see you play next?

We are writing new music and putting together our stage show. We want our stage show to be as dynamic and awe-inspiring as our music is. Our next show is at Pranksters 2 in Scottsdale. It’s an all acoustic show so if you are a fan of acoustic music or us then you really want to hear how our music sounds “unplugged.”

• Anything you’d like to say to our readers and fans?

Please go and “like” us on Facebook, which is the source for all things <6>. This is our passion and our life. We are going to do all we can to take this as far as we can and to as many people as possible. We are and always will be eternally grateful for anyone who gives our music a chance and takes the time to say hello or purchase our music and merchandise. Expect HUGE things from us and we recommend you ‘Enter the Halo’ as soon as possible because you are not going to want to miss a minute of the ascension of Six Sided Halo!


Steve Ayotte of AZ’s IDLE RED

Steve, the founder and vocalist/guitarist of IDLE RED rocks out hard and has a passion that is undeniable. His band IDLE RED, in my opinion , is one of AZ’s finest, they are a great local band to follow and create awesome relationships with their fans. We sat down with him to pick his brain a bit and learn more about his band.
Q: When and how did your band get together?
A: Well, IDLE RED was originally formed in 2004 but the story of how all of the current members (Taylor, Tyler, Rob, and myself) came together is a long one so I’m going to sum it up by saying, “All our paths were drawn together by a greater, unseen set of forces”. Lol is that new agey enough for you? In actuality, we were just members of past projects that had withered away and fate’s timing was lucky enough that all of us were in the same place at the same time. I would have had it no other way. The lineup we have today is the true IDLE RED. I love these guys like my brothers.

Q: What do you value most about music and performing?
A: I can’t speak for all the members in my band, but what I probably value most about music is the fact that it gives me a creative way to channel all the thoughts and feelings I have inside this crazy head of mine! Music is my escape from the demons that (I think) we all have inside us, but it is also (and normally at the same time) the way I personally embrace the triumphs I am so proud of. Performing allows me the opportunity to share these experiences with others in a very “hands on” way if you will. Hopefully some of what I am going through will connect with the listener. And that is another thing I value about music, it brings people together and allows strangers to become family. Being in IDLE RED and playing music has afforded me the privilege of expanding my family through meeting some of the most amazing people I otherwise would never have met.

Q: We all want to know, do you really get more chicks because you are in a band?
A: That’s a tough one to answer lol. I honestly don’t think girls are drawn to guys in bands because of the “band boy” stereotype. If that was the case, they’d probably realize pretty quickly no money + no job + sleeps on their friend Chris’s couch doesn’t normally equal a solid investment of their time. I think the appeal is in the confidence that a musician wields. In my opinion constantly digging deep within one’s self to create an honest piece of art builds character, and along with that character comes the confidence to share it with others. So yes, as I have grown up and become a more confident person I have seen an increase in the amount of girls who are interested in me. But I have to say, any amount of girls I have interested in me is totally trumped by the amount that dig our guitarist Rob! That dude has swagger oozing from his pores… no joke, Robbie is the S*#T!!

Q: What genre of music do you play most? What is your favorite genre to play?
A: Trying to categorize us huh? Well that’s ok. It’s a question we get a lot and for some reason it always seems to be the hardest one to answer. IDLE RED’s sound bridges the gap between alternative, heavy rock, punk, metal, and southern rock genres of music. If you want to know on paper what we sound like and what genre we’d be labeled under at your local record store I would have use the general term “Rock”. Probably better if you just listen for yourself though lol.

Q: What was your favorite show? What was your wildest moment while performing?
A: This is going to sound funny but my favorite show was one that most people / IDLE RED fans won’t remember. I actually don’t even remember the date. I just know that is was several years ago, in the winter, and it was at a place called Flicka’s in Scottsdale, AZ. Don’t ask me how, but something clicked with all us on stage that night and we came alive! Within one 40 min set IDLE RED changed into something better than anything I had ever been a part of before and it’s been a crazy uphill ride ever since. That was a show I’ll remember forever.

The wildest moment had to have been this past summer when we were invited to play at the Dithmarscher Rock Festival in Marne, Germany. We had just finished playing and the entire crowd of Germans, very few of which spoke English well, were chanting our name and screaming for more! That was a wild moment for sure.

Q: What are you working on now? Where can fans come see you play next?
A: Currently we are working on songs for a new EP (possibly a short LP) and we will be shooting a couple music videos with director Kevin R. Phipps from Los Angeles. The ideas and direction for both the new songs and videos are really fresh and I think the public will enjoy all the new material we will be releasing.

As far as where you can see us next, we are playing a show Friday, Dec. 2nd @ Club 910 LIVE in Tempe, AZ. We play at 10pm. If you miss the show you can always visit us on Facebook ( and then add us for updates on future shows / releases.

Q: Anything you’d like to say to our readers and fans?
A: I guess I’d just like to encourage your readers to look us up and listen to our music. You never know, we might be your new favorite band lol! And to our fans, Thanks so much for the constant love and support.