Bass Drops and Bright Lights

We sat down with the Arizona’s “RelentlessBeats.” And got some insight to their world of electronic music.
What is relentless beats?
RelentlessBeats is the #1 promotion/marketing/event planning company in the state of AZ for electronic dance music (EDM). Not only do we promote, but we organize and operate events on a weekly basis ranging from clubs to large venues. We specialize in bringing in acclaimed international DJ’s. 
How did you guys start? 
In the late nineties we were all huge dance music fans and djs and didn’t have an outlet to promote our talents. So we created the brand, began throwing parties and promoting. 
What goals does relentless beats have? (Local in AZ, west coast ambitions, nationally)
In Arizona we are ramping up our event schedule to multiple days during the week. Not limiting ourselves to single venues and using multiple bars/clubs for our events. We plan on spreading our promotions and events overseas and with more states in the future. 
Where do you think the local and live music industry of the Phoenix area is going? 
Live and local music has been and will always be a staple in the music scene. I remember the days of the Mason Jar, Gibsons and Hollywood Alley thriving and giving exposure to our local live bands when larger headliner acts would roll through. Scottsdale is now bringing in some rock bands on a weekly basis, which I like. The industry will continue to grow and it will never die.
Do you promote/sponsor local DJ’s? And if so, how can someone who is looking to play a show acquire your services? How would a local DJ find a venue to play at?
We have a group of DJs that have been in the scene for over a decade that we promote and work with on a regular basis. For local DJ’s, their best bet is to begin in a bar setting, work their way up and build a following. If they prove strong…they usually catch our eye. 
People have associated dubstep and electronic music with drug use, how does relentless beats feel about this?  
Drug use has been associated with live performances and music as a whole since it’s beginning. It’s not really a concern for us. While we would never condone illegal drug use, we would never judge the choices our fan base make. 
What advice do you have for up and coming DJ’s?
The only way to seriously break into this business is by producing your own music. Anyone can learn to mix songs…It’s bringing your own creativity to the table that separates you from the rest. 
Anything else you’d like to say to our readers?
check out our website: for all upcoming events, news and photo galleries. Join the fan club via cell number and we’ll text you with event updates on a regular basis. 

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