JT – Continued

What artists did you draw inspiration from when you began playing music? Are those artists still your inspiration or do you look to other artists now?
When I first started playing guitar I was really into Pantera, Tool, Metalica, White Zombie, AC/DC, Alice and Chains and Soundgarden. I also was inspired by classic rock artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. For the most part those bands play a strong roll in my playing today, but I have expanded my musical scope and constantly find new inspirations.
What show was your most favorite to play?
Wow thats like a trick question, I’ve played so many great shows. I guess one show that was really fun was when I was in my first band, we chartered a Grey Hound bus and took about 100 of our closes friend to a gig across town along with a 10 car party train, it was like the biggest party on wheels. It was legendary to see our best friends having the time of there lives all because of the music we were making. We rocked the house and our friends drank the house out of Jager. The venue never saw us coming…
What are you working on now?
Currently Im collaborating with a DJ on some house/electro/dance/guitar rock mash-ups. Meaning, a DJ mixing the House/electro/dance music and me free styling rock riffs over top. We are really focusing on producing an original stage performance with shadow dancers, lighting features and even foam

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