Dez Tillman of Clan/Destine and MATHMADIX

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Clan/Destine – 



Grand Opening of The Roxy Lounge w/ MATHMADIX

Mathmadix is playing at the grand opening of the new music venue “The Roxy Lounge” in Scottsdale, AZ tomorrow night!

Mathmadix is sure to put on a killer show! Tickets are only ten bucks!!! Make sure you’re there, it’s bound to WOW you.

And next week we’re sitting down with Dez Tillman of Mathmadix to get some inside scoop!

Come check it out Thursday Sept 15th, See you there!!!/event.php?eid=208663689197807 Check out the FB page for more infoScottsdale Arizona- The Roxy Lounge

JT – Continued

What artists did you draw inspiration from when you began playing music? Are those artists still your inspiration or do you look to other artists now?
When I first started playing guitar I was really into Pantera, Tool, Metalica, White Zombie, AC/DC, Alice and Chains and Soundgarden. I also was inspired by classic rock artists such as Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Doors and Jimi Hendrix. For the most part those bands play a strong roll in my playing today, but I have expanded my musical scope and constantly find new inspirations.
What show was your most favorite to play?
Wow thats like a trick question, I’ve played so many great shows. I guess one show that was really fun was when I was in my first band, we chartered a Grey Hound bus and took about 100 of our closes friend to a gig across town along with a 10 car party train, it was like the biggest party on wheels. It was legendary to see our best friends having the time of there lives all because of the music we were making. We rocked the house and our friends drank the house out of Jager. The venue never saw us coming…
What are you working on now?
Currently Im collaborating with a DJ on some house/electro/dance/guitar rock mash-ups. Meaning, a DJ mixing the House/electro/dance music and me free styling rock riffs over top. We are really focusing on producing an original stage performance with shadow dancers, lighting features and even foam

JT – “I’ll never stop playing music”

JT, a Phoenix local for 15 years, began playing music at age 7 when his mother enrolled him in piano lessons. In middle school he played the violin in the orchestra; and at age 13 he recalled “The exact moment I wanted to learn how to play the guitar…I walked into my class to get something I forgot and I heard the teacher’s son, who was in high school, playing some Nirvana songs on the classroom guitar. Right then and there I thought that was the coolest thing, to hear the music I listened to on the radio being played right before me by some kid not much older than me. After that I bought some guitar magazines, picked up my dads guitar and taught myself how to play.” And self taught JT has been playing ever since. 

What do you value most about music and performing?
The thing I value most about music is the absolute freedom of self-expression; there is endless avenues to explore and new experiences to enjoy. Performing is the pinnacle of all the hard work and practice, there is nothing better than experiencing your creativity at full volume while watching your audience move like puppets to the maestros every command.     
What genre of music do you play most? Has the character of your music changed since you first began playing?
My roots are rock/metal, but I have a wide range of genres, I also pull influences from blues, jazz, country, world, classical and even house/techno. Most of what I play have a rock/metal flavor, however I enjoy instrumentals where the music tells the story not the singer. When I first started playing guitar I was very narrow minded regarding my musical genres, I only played and listened to alternative hard rock and metal. As the years gone by I matured and so did my musical wisdom.  
 “I’ll never stop playing music, it’s always going to be my passion.”